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DIY Vanilla Bean Extract

DIY Vanilla Bean Extract

A never ending bottle of vanilla extract - yes please! We go through a LOT of vanilla bean extract and paste around here and these make for great gifts and home use as well!


  • 6 Vanilla beans soft is essential, Grade B is the perfect level
  • 6 oz Vodka or desired spirit
  • Air tight sealable bottles


  • In each clean and sterilized jar/bottle, add 1-2 vanilla beans, cut to fit bottle if necessary. Slice ½" from top of the beans, leaving the top portion still intact, running your blade down the bean to expose the vanilla goodness inside . Top up bottles with vodka, or bourbon or rum if desired. Seal jars and store in a cool area for at least 6 weeks, shaking bottle occasionally . When extract gets low, simply top up with more liquor, adding 1 fresh bean when you refill the jar of vodka.


Vanilla beans should be pliable and soft, but not too ‘wet’ – like maple syrup, vanilla beans have a grading system - Grade B is the perfect level of dry vs wet for this purpose. As for your liquor choice, vodka is the most neutral in flavor, but bourbon and rum can be used.