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Cranberry Chicken Tartine

Cranberry Chicken Tartine

Tartines are a fun French way to enjoy an open face sandwich and this one has bright moments of cranberry, crunch of pecans and green onions. Also really fantastic as a filling for a kale wrap!


For the Mayo:

  • 1 Egg yolk
  • 1 tsp Honey Balsamic Mustard
  • tsp Lemon juice
  • 1 tsp Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic
  • ¾ cup Fruity EVOO
  • 2 cups Cooked chicken breasts
  • 2 tbsp Cranberry Pear White Balsamic
  • 2 Stalks green onion chopped
  • ¼ cup Fresh cranberries chopped
  • ¼ cup Pecans chopped
  • 4 Sourdough slices


  • On a flat surface, wrap a damp towel on the counter in a circle then place bowl in the center of towel, making towel snug around the bottom of a large bowl to prevent the bowl from slipping while you whisk. Add egg yolk, mustard, lemon juice and vinegar, mixing together to combine. Whisk together 1/3 cup fresh mayo with 2 tbsp Cranberry Pear Balsamic and refrigerate remaining mayo.
  • Whisk together ⅓ cup of your fresh mayo and 2 tbsp Cranberry Pear Balsamic, refrigerating remaining mayo. Add fleur de sel to taste.
  • In a bowl, toss together chicken, dressing, chopped cranberries, green onions and pecans. Toast bread and spoon on chicken mixture and top with more green onions and cranberries.


Making your own mayo at home can be a bit labour intensive, but oh so worth it once you spread that schmear on anything! So much better than stuff in jars! This recipe makes a small amount, but if doubling, you can easier make this in a blender or using an immersion.