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Published: April 22, 2019

Review of Camino de Anibal Picual EVOO

This delicious Picual from Camino de Anibal is incredibly delicious. Because this oil is picked to press in under four hours from harvest, the olives were milled at the peak of quality. The bottle even has chemistry on on it! With a low free fatty acidity of 0.1% (Remember – the International Olive Oil Council’s (IOOC) standard for EVOO is 0.8%) this oil is great for using with heat. Feel free to sear steaks and roast tomatoes, you name it, this oil would be delicious with all of the above. Because the oil has a Peroxide Value of 5.1 (IOOC standard = 20) it will have a pretty good shelf life as well, being far away from rancid and slowing oxidizing after harvest.

Picual is the most common varietal ground in Spain. Most of this variety are in the city of Jaén, in Andalusia. Although this olive oil estate is further north and closer to Valencia, in Hellín in the region of Albacete. At the foothills in the mountains, the region is perfect for growing olives, and a slightly more temperate than the southern regions creates a less pungent olive as the trees are less stressed in the summer heat.

Versatile and not to pungent, this green tomato forward extra virgin and is definitely a great one for the pantry, perfect for salads, roasted veggies and tomato based pasta sauces. Check out some recipes that would be perfect using this olive oil!

Love drizzling this lovely rich Picual Extra Virgin over fresh tomatoes and yogurt. The perfect afternoon snack!

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