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Hi, I’m Emily,

An Olive Oil Sommelier, educator, and author with over 15 years of experience in the olive oil industry. I am the Olive Oil Critic. With a degree in Life Science from Queen’s University, my love of science and discovery has blended with my deep love of food and flavor. Along with an MA in Cultural Anthropology, my kitchen is also a lab for discovery and learning. After being introduced to olive oil on my husband Stephen’s family olive grove, my life has been dedicated to the ingredient since.

What is an Olive Oil Critic? I’ll teach you how to read the label on a bottle of olive oil, share tips on how to taste the differences between one olive oil to another, how best to use each one, and pair it with food and menus. I support retailers and will train your retail staff on how to educate and sell quality olive oil to your customers. Or I’ll run industry tastings for chefs and open up the world of olive oil to the next generation of culinary professionals at Culinary & Hospitality schools. You will find me sharing my passion with consumers, olive oil producers, gourmet and grocery retailers, as well as judging at International Olive Oil competitions. I host private workshops, cooking classes, private dinners, and guided tastings, educating retail and culinary professionals alike all about olive oil.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching over 500 culinary students and introducing olive oil to many more enthusiasts. I am an instructor at the Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, and developed their Olive Oil Specialist Micro-Credential Program

My purpose is to change the way people use, feel about, and understand olive oil every day. To help make that happen, I’ve written eight cookbooks, six of which are olive oil-focused. I’ve had the honor of having my books featured at the Nobel House in Sweden. My books have also won Gourmand, and Taste Canada awards. 

To stay rooted in the industry, I host Women in Olive Oil Connect, a biweekly conversation for industry professionals. 

I’d love to sit down and connect. Let’s find a way for our stories to grow together.


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