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Published: April 14, 2022

A firm lover of this brand, Domenica Fiore is dedicated to quality above all else. This Novello is an early harvest of their classic Tuscan Blend. Frantoio, Leccino and Moriaolo olives.

Cesare, the master miller behind the Domenica Fiore label, is a true artist of the land. His heritage is traced back to the region for over 500 years, and his family has been serving the area through their restaurant for over 150 years. He has a deep understanding of how the regional land and climate affect the flavour of the oil. Using both this experience and deep knowledge, he balances the varietals cultivated to create the classic blends that are known and loved. This is not a field blend, but a custom blend. Each varietal is harvested, milled and the oil extracted individually. Then Cesare creates the perfect balance of the three varietals after harvest, to ensure the blend is perfect.

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Novello, meaning new, are Domenica Fiore’s first olives picked, milled, and then blended. They produce a robust, and very green grassy oil, packed with antioxidants and micronutrients. Producing a lower yield than later harvests, because the olives are still hardly ripe, yet the pungency is vibrant and lingers beautifully. A lot of the deep flavour of this oil comes from the soil. The trees are planted in an ancient sea bed, filled with trace mineral content not found anywhere else. The flavour of this unique terroir is vibrantly present in this Novello example.

This oil is delightful for making chipotle mayo, or roasting salmon on the grill. The flavours are so vibrant, they are not easily hidden behind other flavours. It makes a delightful chimichurri sauce for grilled meats, served on the patio along with a fresh ocean summer breeze.

To learn more about the Dominica Fiore brand, and can purchase directly online here.

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