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Published: April 14, 2022

I was hesitant to say the least when I picked up this stunning ceramic bottle from Frantoio Muraglia. The tag did have all the information that I was looking for, harvest date, varietal, estate, etc. and I was delighted to find the most delicious Peranzana upon opening. Usually when I’m out shopping, discovering new olive oils, I shy away from beautiful bottles, as so often producers try to catch your eye with exquisite handywork, stunning labels, that don’t share, or even sometimes take away from the contents of the bottle. So many marketing schemes are in place within the olive oil industry to entice uneducated buyers, it makes my skin crawl.

Frantoio Muraglia is one incredible family, doing amazing things in both their community and the olive oil industry. Found right in the heart of Apulia, the center of southern Italian olive oil country, four generations deep are still actively involved in the family olive oil business, cultivating their 40 hectares of olive trees.

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They still use a stone mill to crush their olives, although ensure that the stone wheels turn slowly, to not produce much friction or any excess heat. This will coax the oil out using traditional means, while infusing the olive with its oil. Then the paste is transferred to a modern extractor, to separate the oil from the solids, creating an incredibly creamy, soft, and delicious oil. The mouth feel is truly incredible as is the lingering phenols, and bitterness in the product.

Once the oil is created, they collaborated with local potters to create their unique rainbow bottles, to keep the oil cold and light tight to optimize transportation and storage. This ceramic bottle is stunning and proudly sits on my counter, I use it daily. It pairs perfectly with everything from avocado eggs benedict to whip up for a delicious brunch or a simple macaroni and cheese for an easy weeknight dinner.

To learn more about Frantoio Muraglia, you can head right here, and to purchase their olive oils, you can find them here!

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