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Koroneiki Review

A beautiful example of a 100% Estate Koroneiki, this oil is packed with fresh green notes of green apple, unripe banana, fresh artichoke, arugula and lots of black pepper. Boasting over 580mg/l antioxidant content this oil is as healthful as it is delicious. Use with to roast vegetables, roast chicken or white fish on the grill or to brighten up salads and offer a vibrant flavour to any dressing.

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Oil type : Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Certified organic olive oils use organically grown olives and meet organic production standards for their region. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil. By definition it must have some fruity flavor, zero defects, free fatty acid level below 0.8%, and be derived by cold extraction below 27°C ~ 80°F.

Cultivars : Koroneiki

There are hundreds of olive tree varieties, each with its own distinct taste and aromas.

Intensity : Medium Robust

Intensity correlates to the amount of bitterness and/or pungency experienced when consuming an extra virgin olive oil. An olive oil with little bitterness that creates little to no sensation in the back of the throat is considered mild. A very bitter olive oil that causes a slight burning or spicy sensation in the mouth and throat is robust. We rate intensity between 5 values: Mild, Medium, Medium Robust, Robust and Extreme.

Polyphenols : 580ppm

Polyphenols are antioxidant micronutrients found in plant-based foods. The phenolic concentration in olive oil depends on variables like the variety, ripeness at harvest, extraction methods, etc.

Acidity : 0.16%

Acidity is one of the quality parameters set by the IOC for extra virgin olive oil. By definition extra virgin olive oil must have a free fatty acid level below 0.8%. Acidity CANNOT be detected by sensory analysis. This value is always determined by a laboratory.

Harvest Date : Fall 2021

As a fresh food product, properly stored olive oil should be consumed within 2 years from the time of harvest for best flavor. Harvest runs from October through January in Northern Hemisphere regions, and from April through July in Southern Hemisphere regions.


Reviewing this Estate Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pleasure! Brothers Dino and Diamantis are the force behind the Lakoniko brand and products. I met them back in 2018 at the New York International Olive Oil Competition and have loved their products ever since. Focused on family, a passion for tradition and an incredible commitment to quality, their flagship Koroneiki is far from an exception to this. It is a beautiful example of this classic Greek varietal.

The oil is produced from 5,000 organically grown trees on their 4th generation family olive grove. It’s located in Laconia, nestled in the southern Peloponnese of Greece. Here is the best foundation for quality; the marriage of love, care and the ideal location. In the ideal Mediterranean climate, the trees soak up the hot summer sun and salty sea breezes, producing plump olives filled with incredibly high Omega 9 content. After hand-picking, the olives undergo a fully mechanical extraction less than 4 hours from picking, producing an incredibly stable oil. The antioxidant content of this Koroneiki is 580mg/l!

My favourite use for this Koroneiki is roasted vegetables, because of the high stability, it’s perfect for cooking with. The tasting notes pair perfectly with sweet potato, yam, squash, carrots, and beets. Use in roasted vegetable salads, with winter greens or spinach, pepitas and a tahini dressing. The oils’ versatility is the perfect addition to any vegetable side dish, creamy rich dressing or sauce. It also livens up the flavour of any salad dressing. Here are some delicious recipes to use with this oil.

To learn more about the Lakoniko family, and where to purchase their oil, head to Oakmont Olive Oil Company, or one of their many retail locations.

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Tasting Notes
The oil is bright and green and packed with green fruit notes of green apple, unripe banana, arugula, and freshly cut grass. The lingering peppery finish ensures the oil sits beautifully in the mouth, offering a truly harmonious taste profile.
Recommended Uses
Cooking, Baking, Frying, Salads, Soups, Vegetables, Meze
Packaging Notes
Transported in bulk and bottled in the USA at their dedicated warehouse, this oil is kept at optimal conditions before and after bottling.

Koroneiki Flavor Profiles


Medium Robust

Origin Country


Origin State/Province




Harvest Date

Fall 2021






From $25

Koroneiki Pairs Well With

Fresh Garden Vegetables

This oil is packed with ripe fruit notes, as well as healthy bitterness, making it a perfect pairing for fresh, roasted, or grilled vegetables.


Soft ripened cheeses like Camembert and Brie are the perfect accompaniment to this creamy bold olive oil. With notes of banana and apple, drizzling over a warm baked cheese is pure delight!


The everyday favourite combination, this olive oil is the perfect pair for any salad dressing, sweet or savoury, the fruitiness makes it a great combination to enhance any salad.

About me, Emily

Olive Oil Sommelier, level 2, an expert in sensory analysis and judge at international olive oil competitions. Educated at the International Culinary Center and the National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters (O.N.A.O.O), I share transparent, authentic, quality education all about olive oil.
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