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Favuzzi Intense Coratina Review

Bold and beautiful, this robust Favuzzi Intense Coratina is an invitation to experiment and enjoy an incredibly delicious, healthful olive oil. Well-balanced and truly persistent, from the first aroma to the lingering spicy almost capsicum finish, this oil is packed with flavour. Peppery arugula, spicy mustard greens, and rich buttery artichoke fill the center of this extra virgin. Fresh cut grass, unripe green apple peel, green almond, and fresh herbs – rosemary, oregano and hints of fennel alike are found in this oil. Packed with flavour, robust and delicious, this extra virgin olive oil is one not to be missed.

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Oil type : Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Certified organic olive oils use organically grown olives and meet organic production standards for their region. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil. By definition it must have some fruity flavor, zero defects, free fatty acid level below 0.8%, and be derived by cold extraction below 27°C ~ 80°F.

Cultivars : Coratina

There are hundreds of olive tree varieties, each with its own distinct taste and aromas.

Intensity : Extreme

Intensity correlates to the amount of bitterness and/or pungency experienced when consuming an extra virgin olive oil. An olive oil with little bitterness that creates little to no sensation in the back of the throat is considered mild. A very bitter olive oil that causes a slight burning or spicy sensation in the mouth and throat is robust. We rate intensity between 5 values: Mild, Medium, Medium Robust, Robust and Extreme.

Acidity : 0.16%

Acidity is one of the quality parameters set by the IOC for extra virgin olive oil. By definition extra virgin olive oil must have a free fatty acid level below 0.8%. Acidity CANNOT be detected by sensory analysis. This value is always determined by a laboratory.

Harvest Date : Fall 2021

As a fresh food product, properly stored olive oil should be consumed within 2 years from the time of harvest for best flavor. Harvest runs from October through January in Northern Hemisphere regions, and from April through July in Southern Hemisphere regions.


An extra virgin olive oil that lives up to its name! The Favuzzi Intense Coratina is a robust monocultivar from Andria, Puglia. Puglia is the largest olive oil-producing region in Italy. Coratina is very commonly found in Puglia. Although, it is often used as a blending oil due to its naturally intense and robust nature. Adding coratina increases the natural antioxidant content to a blend and can add balance to naturally fruity and milder oils.

This specific Favuzzi Intense Coratina is an early harvest. The olives are picked while they are still green, in early October. The oil has just finished developing before the olive has fully ripened. It is robust from the first aroma to the lingering intense peppery finish. This oil is not going to easily hide in a dish, it is front and center. Yet, being robust and bitter, filled with notes of spicy arugula, mustard greens, and fresh herbs like rosemary and oregano, it is incredibly well balanced and harmonious in its intensity.

I love to add this to chimichurri and serve it with grilled meats or use it to roast root vegetables, or even drizzle it over rich spicy dahl. This oil is great for frying and cooking because it is so stable, and packed with stabilizing antioxidants. Those antioxidants are also a reason why this oil is so healthful. Coratina is often said to be the healthiest oil as it can have some of the highest antioxidant levels.

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Tasting Notes
Spicy arugula, mustard greens, green almond, unripe apple, fresh herbs, black peppercorns
Recommended Uses
Cooking, Frying, Grilling, Soups, Vegetables
Packaging Notes
Packed in dark glass with a full wrap label to prevent excessive light penetration. Bottles are flushed with nitrogen before filling to ensure olive oil is not in contact with oxygen during transportation to customers.

Favuzzi Intense Coratina Flavor Profiles



Origin Country


Origin State/Province




Harvest Date

Fall 2021


Famiglia Favuzzi

Favuzzi Intense Coratina

Famiglia Favuzzi


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Favuzzi Intense Coratina Pairs Well With

Grilled Meats

Use as a marinade or enjoy in herb, chimichurri style sauce over grilled meats. This oil will not shy away from bright spicy herbs, chillies, garlic and other intense flavours. They are a perfect match.


Drizzle over minestrone soup, pasta Fagioli, and other rich flavour soups. Dahl and curries are also a great pairing with this olive oil. Use to sauté onions, incorporating the flavour into the soup, as well as a final drizzle on top, enhancing the flavours from within and with every bite.


Incorporate in the pizza dough, toss with some arugula as a final touch, or mix with fresh garlic and herbs to make the most delicious Sicilian-style pizza or focaccia. This olive oil is perfect for incorporating into savoury breads.

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